BIG 2016 CUP results

Academic data is one of the most important resources for researchers all over the world. Despite significant efforts by the builders of academic databases, errors still abound. The task of the BIG 2016 CUP challenge is to verify whether a paper is written by a given author. Along with the Microsoft Academic Graph data set, a graph query API powered by Microsoft Graph Engine is provided to encourage innovative heterogeneous approaches combining machine learning and graph computation techniques.

There are 29 registered teams for BIG 2016 CUP.

The top 3 winners are:

  • Team GBST from Yonsei University
    Gyeong Bok Lee, Seungtaek Choi, Beomseok Kang
  • Team Go from USTC
    Weikang Rui, Chao Ma
  • Team ForestWhitaker from Fudan university
    Xiyou Zhou, Linghao Zhang