BIG 2016 CUP

Academic data is one of the most important resources for researchers all over the world. Despite significant efforts by the builders of academic databases, errors still abound. One very common error is the incorrect identification of authors. In other words, papers are frequently mistakenly associated with incorrect authors.

Microsoft provides the latest Microsoft Academic Search data set and an online graph query interface for BIG 2016 CUP. Before downloading the data set, participants must read and accept the terms of use for the Microsoft Academic Graph.

Participants are supposed to submit a REST service endpoint that can verify whether a paper is written by a given author in an online judge system. The challenge can be tackled with a large variety of techniques such as machine learning, information retrieval, and graph analytics.

Compared with the previous BIG challenges, the challenge problem of BIG 2016 encourages innovative approaches leveraging both the data and online graph queries.

A related challenge is KDD Cup 2013. Compared with KDD Cup 2013, BIG 2016 uses a much larger data set and adopts a very different evaluation model.

The registration of Big 2016 CUP will open on March 1, 2016.
All details are available on

BIG 2016 CUP organizers

  • Wei-Ying Ma, Microsoft
  • Kuansan Wang, Microsoft
  • Bin Shao, Microsoft
  • Yatao Li, Microsoft